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Re: [PLUG] dying hd?

linc wrote:
> jeff wrote:
>> Gordon Dexter wrote:
>>   > If you have the dd image foremost will carve out the important files.
>>> It just goes through the whole disk looking for magic numbers that 
>>> indicate the start of files, and for most filetypes it works great.  If 
>>> you're looking for unusual kinds of files you may need to configure it 
>>> to recognize them.  I've used it for forensics and for data recovery before.
>> That's cool.
>> Unfortunately, making the dd image crashed twice at the same spot.
>> It gets interestinger and interestinger.
>> I have hope, as Testdisk sees the files - it just won't let me select them.
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> There is dd_recover and dderecover as well (yes they are different).
... I've used one but not the other (I think it was dd_recover) and it
is essential for what you're trying to do here.  I was able to set it to
try a fixed number of times to try to read a bad block and then just
continue to the next block without ending the program.  It can also do
repeated sweeps of the HD and progressively build up the image.  The
latter is particularly useful if the problem(s) you have are
intermittent and/or if they "move".


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