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Re: [PLUG] Review: Thecus N8800+ iSCSI NAS (Linux)

Troy Sorzano wrote:
> Lee Marzke wrote on Saturday, April 10, 2010 10:58 PM 
>> I'm in the process of replacing a Linksys ReadyNAS NV+ with the
>> Thecus N8800 2U rackmount NAS.    In addition to being more expandable
>> the Thecus supports iSCSI for my ESX Vsphere environment.  It also
>> runs on Linux on an Intel Celeron M CPU,  and it is quite easy to get
>> root access.
>> ...
>> I've posted a review of the N8800+ and description of using rsync
>> and ESX  below:
>> http://plug.4aero.com/Members/lmarzke/thecus/
> Lee,
> Thanks for the review.  I am looking for a low cost ESXi compatible NAS/SAN for our production but non-critical apps. A true SAN is out of the question and budget.  Right now I am using local storage on the ESXi server.  For backups I am manually stopping the VMs and copying the files to a windows server share.  This is not optimal or fun. If I use a Thecus N8800 could I improve my ESXi backup process?  I understand the idea of "storage" but have never implemented iSCSI.  Are you using rsync to backup your ESX VMs?  If so, can it be done while the VMs are running?
> Thanks for any info.

I've only tried the N8800 with one ESX host,  but haven't run any production
VM's on it yet, as I'm still testing ( a RAID5 expansion is currently
at 35 hours to complete )   After I move my production VM's I'll post again.

For ESX backup check out a really neat product from PHDvirtual called
esXpress.   It does de-duplicated backup of the VM's while they are
running to a
NFS or SMB share.    With de-dup you only need 10% of your production
drive space
to keep 6 months of daily/weekly/monthly backups.

esXpress spins up several "Virtual backup agents" ( VBA's) to do the
de-duplication and
they store to a companion VM appliance that stores the blocks.

Restores are a matter of running a script that has access to the
de-duplicated file
share.   No software needed for the full restore of the VM.   You can
also restore
individual files without restoring the entire VM.

The price is $1000/host with unlimited sockets, and unlimited VM's, 
limited to
4 VBA's

This does not require Vsphere Vcenter server, however it does require ESX
not ESXi.    It's fairly easy to switch to ESX,  but patching ESX
without Vcenter is
a pain.   Vsphere Essentials was recently on sale for $500 for 3 hosts,

(Disclosure:   I'm a business partner with them,  and do some VMware
for their clients. )


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