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[PLUG] Remindeder: PLUG Social Gathering and Lightning Talks - Wed Apr 21, 2010 (Bridgeport, PA)

Remember, social gather this week...still plenty of room!

PLUG Social Gathering - Bridgeport, PA

This is not a regular PLUG chapter meeting , but a get-together at the
house of PLUG member JonathanD in Bridgeport.  Join us for an evening of
lightning talks and Linux discussion on Wednesday, April 21, 2010,
beginning at 6pm.  RSVP is required, please read this entire message for

We encourage attendees to give a lightning talk (a five-minute
presentation on a FOSS-related topic of your choice), but this is not
required.  If you'd like help selecting a topic, please ask on the 
mailing list or the #plug IRC channel on Freenode.

  * Please RSVP for this event Directions to the event will be sent to
    confirmed attendees before the 21st.

  * If you RSVP and later determine that you will not be able to make it,
    PLEASE LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so someone on the waiting list
    will be able to attend.

  * Food will be provided.  Attendees are asked either to contribute a
    couple of dollars toward the cost of the food or to bring something
    to drink.

  * Send your RSVP to  If you'd like to give a
    lightning talk, please let us know in the RSVP (and the topic, if
    you have one in mind).

Paul Snyder
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