Doug Stewart on 19 Apr 2010 06:21:26 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] How to manage your files among multiple PCs

Dropbox, Dropbox, Dropbox. Works on Windows, Linux and OS X. Limited  
in space, yes, but for non-media, it's plenty sufficient.

Doug Stewart

On Apr 19, 2010, at 1:03 AM, Gordon Dexter <> wrote:

> Way back when I only had one computer organizing my files was easy.  I
> had nice and organized folder heirarchy, with everything in it's  
> proper
> place.  I'm a packrat, so I accumulate lots of junk, but as long as I
> put everything in the right place it worked nicely.
> Now I have a desktop, a server/HTPC that sometimes acts as a  
> desktop, an
> Eee (with not much space), and a few server accounts, and everything  
> is
> haphazard all over the place.  My laptop has some files, my desktop  
> has
> some different files, my server has a different set of files, and
> everything is messy and disorganized.  My media collection is in  
> spread
> over two computers and my personal documents are sprawled out across
> three or four, all the computers have some form of 'download'  
> directory
> with some useful stuff, and I'm starting to forget where I put things.
> I even have older copies of my home folder from old installs,  
> sitting in
> subfolders of my current home directory.
> I have been running my own Dovecot IMAPS server, so email is
> synchronized among all computers, and I just set up Xmarks BYOS so
> bookmarks are similarly common.  Those things are really nice, since I
> don't have to think about what is on what computer, but I don't think
> that would work for my media collection, at least in part because it
> wouldn't fit on the server, and certainly not on my Eee.
> I want to figure out a better way to organize files.  Network mounts
> sound like the most obvious solution until my laptop is somewhere
> without internet (or without port 22 outbound permitted).
> What do you guys do to organize your home directories, media
> collections, sprawling document piles, etc?  I've heard of people  
> using
> versioning systems, network mounts with offline cache, etc.  I'm  
> sort of
> looking for a series of specific programs or practices that might be
> integrated into a holistic system for managing my digital clutter.
> --Gordon
> P.S. Bonus points if my wife's Mac can use it for backups
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