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Re: [PLUG] Virtualization on Linux

On Tuesday, April 20, 2010 05:15:16 pm JP Vossen wrote:
> What does everyone else use?  Anyone use or like any of the "helper" 
> apps?  Any other comments?

VirtualBox in seamless mode.  I really like it.  It wouldn't use it to run our 
company infrastructure, but for desktop virtualization, it does everything I 
need in a way I find simple and unobtrusive,

If Oracle kills it (unlikely soon), cest la vie.  I won't stop using it now 
because someday it may not be supported.  It won't die or self-destruct on the 
day Oracle ditches it, and If I need to migrate stuff, I am sure I will have 
the time and tools before the format becomes inaccessible,

I like it much better than kvm which I used for a couple of years before.

I currently run an Ubuntu 9.10 host with Win 7 running under VirtualBox, with 
VSphere running in the Win 7 VM (seamless mode so that VSphere just acts like 
a native Ubuntu app), and managing our Windows servers.  No problems except 
that the mouse sometimes gets sluggish when managing Win 2008R2 this way.

I like it.  I never liked VMware as a desktop virtualization thing.  So it 
could just be a matter of chocolate and vanilla.  You may just hate it the way 
you hate the new Ubuntu purple, and that's legitimate.  But I wouldn't let the 
possibility of Oracle abandonment stop me from using it now.

Art Alexion

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