jeff on 20 Apr 2010 18:25:05 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Purple on Linux

Art Alexion wrote:
> I like it.  I never liked VMware as a desktop virtualization thing.  So it 
> could just be a matter of chocolate and vanilla.  You may just hate it the way 
> you hate the new Ubuntu purple, and that's legitimate.

I disagree.
[much teeth-gnashing]

Hating the new Ubuntu purple is a symptom of a much larger problem. 
It's perfectly ok to hate the way VMware works, if one has a serious 
reason.  Hating a color is a non-starter.

There, have I started a war yet?  It's been awfully quiet around here of 
late.  If I must take a few shots at Macs too, I promise to do what 
needs to be done.

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