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Re: [PLUG] Shell scripting?

Walt Mankowski wrote:
>> No it is not USP. USP did not send  medical professionals at 9AM, 
>> 12.01PM, 4 PM, 8PM, 11.59PM to my home three times a week causing me to 
>> lose my job and live on Government benefits because some body did not 
>> understand "source of errors" chapter in the bio statistics book.  Later 
>> I realized that I was in the Alice in  Wonder land medical practice and 
>> medical insurance.
>> Now I am beginning to think $3 clove oil from GNC is better than Root 
>> canal surgery (Thanks Wikipedia).
> Umm, I'm sorry you lost your job, but I don't see what this has to do
I said "did not" that means that did not happen. I have to take my 
English grammar class again
> with either shell scripting or with USP.  You do realize, I hope, that
Look at how many messages are about shell scripting(I am little tired of 
So I put  a controversial topic to see whether I would get any response.
> USP is the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, which has
> generously hosted the PLUG Central meetings for many years now?
If USP is providing  the hosting for the mailing list, I would be 
grateful to them.

With regards
> Walt
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