Mike Leone on 2 May 2010 20:37:20 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Problems using multiple Samba servers in a Win2003 AD domain

On 05/02/2010 11:29 PM, John Karr wrote:
> I had previously working samba configuration which don't work anymore, I
> believe that the current version of samba is broken, or at least the ubuntu
> packages are. I currently have Linux machines able to mount windows shares,
> but windows machines cannot mount windows shares. Since I have a couple of
> times gotten to a point where Linux shares were available through net use,
> but could not be accessed through the windows gui, I believe that something
> microsoft did is responsible. 

My problem is the reverse - my MS machines have no issues mounting the
Samba shares, nor mounting any other MS's machines shares. The Samba
machines have no issues mounting shares from MS machines. The problem I
have is a Samba machine mounting another Samba machine's shares. :-) My
Samba is integrating just fine with MS machines. It's only now, when I
want to use a 2nd Samba machine in the domain, that my problems have arisen.

> I believe that the best Linux/Windows integration is in the commercial
> version of SUSE, I haven't tried openSuse recently so I can't tell you if
> that is spilling over to the free version. But overall I've drunken the
> Ubuntu KoolAid and ditched KDE, so I wouldn't want to be pushed back to an
> RPM/KDE distribution. 

I've been a Debian and Debian-derived distro guy for a long time now. I
wouldn't want to use a RPM-based distro, either. :-)

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