Casey Bralla on 7 May 2010 18:02:42 -0700

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[PLUG] Help with Cisco 2520 Router

I scrounged a Cisco 2520 router from my company's electronic recycling barrel 
today.   I know nothing about Ciscos, but thought they'd be fun to learn.

I find them a little obtuse, however, since I know so little about them and 
they have funny connectors on them.   Could somebody help me confirm/refute my 
suppositions about them?

1.  You can only log into them in command mode through an RS-232 interface.  
This helps prevent them from being hacked since there is no command interface 
available through the network.

2.  They use goofy connectors to hook up with "enterprise-class" connectors on 
Telephone network equipment.   That's why I've never seen these weird multi-
prong connectors.

3.  They separate the "switch" from the "router", unlike home routers, so this 
is why there is only a single Ethernet port on it.

There seem to be a ton of tutorials on Cisco routers, but I'm just getting 
started and haven't even powered this puppy up (assuming it even works, since 
I got it from the trash bin).

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