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[PLUG] Testing the waters w/IPv6

OK, I'll admit it, the hype about the imminent demise of available v4 
address space has me investigating v6. Besides it seems like a something 
fun to do, sort of like the first time you were able to get news through a 
uucp connection. If anyone goes back that far.

I have a working tunnel (6to4) running and I'm about to shift the endpoint 
to my WAP from test (CentOS 5.4), and get a subnet. I'm using sixxs as my 

Is there a group consensus about which is subjectively better, openwrt or 
dd-wrt? The hardware will support either.

I was thinking that splitting the AP into vlans with vlan0 with a v4 
address and vlan1 with v6, will still let me see the 'old' v4 wired 
network for shared files and the print server while giving me v6 to the 
outside and internal v6.

What say ye?

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