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Re: [PLUG] Wine usb support (scanner)

I thought of running a virtual os with qemu.  As far as I knew, it did not support USB devices, but maybe it does and I missed that.  I know you could mount USB drives and tell qemu about them though.

A side problem I ran into is this.  I do not want to remove my XP partition, so I actually figured out how to get qemu to boot straight off that partition from my installed XP right from the boot manager on /dev/hda.  I told qemu to use /dev/hda (not a disk image).

I know there is the idea that hardware does not all match, but it really did boot just fine, and seemed to deal with hardware differences. 

I used the "snapshot" option so my /dev/hda (besides whatever Linux wanted to do on its own partition) would be unchanged after I quit.  I also made sure the /dev/hda was read only for the qemu application running.   Still, what I tried doing did feel a little risky to start, but all seemed well until....

The problem I had was with licensing.  I could not get past the licensing issue.  I think it complained about hardware or something different etc....   I tried calling microsoft to get a license number for my vitual XP... but all I ever got were automated answering thingies, and nothing I could find on line would help.

I was excited about the idea of moving forward and seeing if this boot idea would work out.... but licensing would not allow it.

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On 06/09/2010 02:11 PM, Edmond Rodriguez wrote:
> I am curious if people have had success using usb devices with drivers
> (in Wine).. like maybe a scanner. Maybe write back with brief success story?

I tried with scanners too, only mine were radio scanners.  It was a
nightmare but involved serial ports.  I did a little better when I used
serial to usb drivers.  Don't know if that's relevant at all.

An alternative is to run a different os in a virtual machine.

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