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[PLUG] free equipment (SGI servers & workstations, printer, cables, monitors, SCSI enclosures)

	**** All items must be claimed by July 12 ****
	**** All items are available in University City ****

Description				Quantity	Notes
===========				========	=====
SGI Octane				3		
SGI Fuel				2		SGI OS licenses may be transferred.
							Additional unit in unknown condition available for spare parts.	

SGI Origin 300 NUMA server cluster	2		Each cluster is a master/slave pair,
							with bus interconnect cable, fibre HBAs, and 3 internal drives.
							Additional master & slave available for spare parts.	

External SCSI enclosures		5		Each enclosure includes cables.
							Each drive is 18 to 140GB.
							2 enclosures hold 1 drive each
							2 enclosures hold 4 drives
							1 enclosure holds 2 drives	

Assorted PS2 keyboards & Mice				

Assorted power cables					

Assorted serial cables					Straight-through (up to 15' long),
							null-modem, APC and TrippLite UPSs, DB9-to-rj45	~15			

Sun/SGI SW13 video cables		5	.	Includes SW13 <=> VGA adapters.

Tektronix Phaser 740 Color Laser Printer		Working when removed from service ~1 year ago. Fuser assembly and toner cartridges included.	

UMAX Astra 2000P flatbed scanner	1		Unknown condition. Parallel port required. 600x1200dpi native (9600 x 9600 interpolated)
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