Ron Kaye Jr on 7 Aug 2010 13:57:50 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] hosting at home- handling dns


it will be minimal use.
i will check out your suggestion for dynamic dns

mostly a learning exercise
apache, php, mysql etc

i think i should just install the LAMP server, rather than  individual components (aptitude install apache2)
do you agree?

preciate your help
finally well enough to struggle up the stairs and sit in front of my computer

Ron Kaye Jr

cant get any cheaper than 7.49 domain reg at godaddy

Aug 7, 2010 04:41:38 PM, wrote:
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>If you want to use an Ubuntu system to serve web pages from your house be sure
>to check your terms of service first. You may be prohibited from running your
>own server and it's even possible that Verizon won't pass incoming requests
>port 80 through to you. I have run a server under these circumstances but only
>for very limited testing or on ports other than 80.
>If you can (or choose to) serve pages then:
>1. Log into the DSL router and determine the DHCP address range. Then,
> assign the box that will be serving the web pages a fixed IP
> address outside of the DHCP range.
>2. Since you are already logged into the DSL router, forward incoming
> requests on port 80 to the fixed IP address that you just assigned.
>3. Ask somebody to access your IP address and see what gets served!
>That should get you up and running.
>Since the IP address that Verizon assigns can and will change, I'd recommend
>domain with a dynamic address service like I simply ended up using
> for the domain name. Of course, as I noted this
>only for testing so there was never much traffic. It's mainly so that I
>can get
>to my own system from the outside regardless of the IP address changes.
>Hope that helps!
>On 08/07/2010 04:00 PM, Ron Kaye Jr wrote:
>> any of you folks host a web site at home?
>> i will purchase this weekend
>> i have verizon dsl, which appears to nat my 192.168.1 network to a valid
>> address.
>> do i setup some kind of dynamic dns?
>> Ron Kaye Jr
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