Richard Freeman on 8 Aug 2010 04:46:37 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] hosting at home- handling dns

On 08/07/2010 08:03 PM, Edmond Rodriguez wrote:
Didn't he say DSL?  My DSL changes IP addresses.

I was thinking about getting something like

... so I  could have a hostname to give to people when and if I try
to remotely support them using a reverse connection VNC

Does anyone else use that?

Yup - I use dynamic DNS. I use ddclient to maintain my IP - it has about a half-dozen different modes of operation and supports numerous dynamic DNS services. Ideally you point it at your router and it notices if you IP changes, but worst-case it can ping a server outside to find out what IP you're coming from.

Note that various dynamic DNS providers have varying TTL policies. Often if you pay more you can get a shorter TTL. If you IP changes a lot a shorter TTL will mean less effective downtime.

If you're receiving mail on a dynamic address you should consider backup MX service. Also, consider that anybody else you gets your old IP could potentially intercept your mail if they aren't nice. However, if you aren't encrypting your email and using only mail servers that authenticate connections you should assume that email is both unreliable and always read before you get it anyway. (Grr, why hasn't somebody fixed email yet?)

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