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Re: [PLUG] X11 server for Windows

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This seems similar to a X server I used almost a decade ago.  I recall it was
called "MIX" and was also free/open source.  It transitioned to a pay-for
application but that was of no consequence to me.  I left that job and simply
transitioned to 98% Linux full time.

XP Licenses?  We don't have no licenses... we don' need no steenkin' licenses!

So far, the mx11 server runs just find for testing on Windows XP Media Center.


On 08/17/2010 06:26 PM, JP Vossen wrote:
> Short version: I just found and liked this trivial freeware X11 server for Windows:
> *
> --> Mocha_XServer-2.0.exe
> Long version:
> I needed to install Oracle 11G on CentOS the other day.  (Have I mentioned that
> I loath Oracle with a passion?)  Among many other problems, the *installer*
> requires a *GUI*.  WTH?!?  A GUI does not belong on a server, so why do you
> require one to install your arcane PoS "server" software?!?  Drives me insane.
> So I crufted up my VM with "yum groupinstall 'X Window System'" which inflicted
> another 197 packages with a *download* size of 84M on my server.  Then it
> bitched about lack of RAM, SWAP, and various kernel parameters.
> After a whole bunch more pain, I finally got almost to the point I needed to
> be.  Except...  I can only connect to the server over the VPN, and the VPN is on
> my WinXP box only.  So 'ssh -X' was problematic.
> I googled around for X11 server for Windows and came up with the usual
> suspects.  This one worked out really well.  I installed it, and ran it and it
> Just Worked.  (I actually used SecureCRT's version of -X, but there's no reason
> PuTTY shouldn't work too.)
> *
> --> Mocha_XServer-2.0.exe
> And yes, I know about the Oracle Express RPMs, for various reasons I couldn't
> use them in this case.  I have used them in the past and they sucked a bit less,
> but still whined a lot about  RAM, SWAP, and various kernel parameters.  At
> least no GUI was needed for an 'rpm -Uvh *.rpm'.
> Later,
> JP
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