George Langford on 18 Aug 2010 07:22:55 -0700

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[PLUG] Retrieving files from salvaged hard drives

In another thread I received kind help in getting a defunct video
card replaced and a different manufacturer's card working in its
place.  Then the motherboard died.

Now I'm busy retrieving the files on its hard drives in order to
put my backup debian/lenny system into "primary PC" mode.  Backups
will now go to an ethernet-connected gigabyte hard drive which has
been running nonstop for over a year keeping my XP laptos backed up.

My mood sank quite low when the USB-hard drive connection revealed
that the hard drive on which my most recent work had been stored
was revealed to be "empty" when mounted in /mnt.  Another hard drive
showed about half the files I thought it has.

Then inspiration struck; here's the complete sequence:

sudo fdisk -l [Thanks, Elizabeth !]

mkdir /home/george/[filename]

sudo mount /dev/[device] /home/george/[filename]

The device name is gleaned from the results of the first step

Now I can see all my files.  I'm sure it's a permissions problem,
as "sudo mount /dev/[device] /mnt" keeps the device under root
control, and I'm just a user.

Would "sudo mount /dev/[device] /mnt" have worked if I had created
a mount point [filename] under /mnt with:

mkdir /mnt/[filename]

sudo mount /dev/[device] /mnt/[filename] ?

George Langford

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