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[PLUG] For sale: Zareason Strata 4660 laptop

(Hope I'm doing this right and it's not inappropriate for the list; this is my first post, please forgive any faux pas.)

For sale: Zareason Strata 4660, built in February 2009, never used. Want to sell in next few days if a good offer is made. Make offer by private email, give a phone number where I can reach you (both day and evening if you can). Best offer (I reserve right not to sell at all). I have no wheels, so you pick up at my door (welcome to come in and test-drive it a bit first); I live in Wynnefield, near routes 1 and 30 and St. Joseph's University. Cash only please.

Options (copied from original emailed invoice, annotated in [brackets]):

      Processor:  Core 2 Duo T5800 2.0 GHz (included)
      Memory:  4 GB DDR2-800
      SATA Hard Drive:  320 GB 7200 RPM [I think this is "decimal" GB]
Operating System:  Kubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex (KDE) [since never used, OS needs serious updating for security at least] 1st Battery:  9-cell [lead, so it's a bit heavy; this is the one I've kept charged in the computer]
      2nd Battery:  6-cell [still in original packaging]
      AC Adapters:  1 (included)
Hardware Warranty:  2 years | $1774.00   1 | $1774.00 [see caveat below on warranty]

FWIW, original price was $1774.00 (but I don't have the warranty paperwork anymore, not sure if that's transferable anyway).

Machine has never been used, but a single user with sudo rights has been created, and it's been kept on the charger continuously since purchase. Checked tonight, it boots and is functional. The touchpad is a pain to use in my experience; you may want to put a mouse on it.

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