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Re: [PLUG] Recent VOIP Experience Anyone?

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Wow, this looks like a great product.

I use a MagicJack for one phone line.  It's only $40 to start and $20 per year
but it _requires_ a Windows PC or Mac to work.  This connects to the network
directly which is excellent and it's still outrageously cheap.

How is the voice quality?

Eric (Lucas)

On 09/30/2010 06:37 AM, Eric Hidle wrote:
> I just got a NetTalk and I love it. It plugs directly into your router
> and does not require a PC (although you can also use it from a PC using
> the USB port).
> It's also portable and works anywhere you can get internet access. You
> can also change your number any time if you move.
> The audio quality is also outstanding. It's $70 for the first year
> (which includes the device) and then $30/year thereafter, with free
> calling to all of the US and Canada.
> E
> On Sat, Sep 18, 2010 at 5:48 PM, John Karr <
> <>> wrote:
>     Who is currently using a VOIP service in place of a Landline? Who
>     are you
>     using and are you happy?
>     ==========================================
>     I'm asking because I just got sucked into FIOS by Verizon, which has
>     created
>     a nightmare in porting my number. Further I'm finding phone to be
>     the least
>     satisfying part of the package, the website management of phone features
>     totally sucks and I have not been able to obtain or find a user
>     guide for
>     service.
>     On the plus side my FIOS speed (on the basic package) is 20x what I
>     had on
>     DSL.
>     To keep my old POTS line through Cavtel will cost about $65 a month,
>     so I'm
>     looking at alternatives, and I happen to have a Motorola VT1005 VOIP
>     Adapter
>     sitting in my basement.
>     My experience indicates that if you are switching to Verizon and
>     porting a
>     number from another carrier that you are likely to have difficulty -- if
>     they install FIOS and do not port your number -- do not accept the
>     delivery
>     and instruct them to remove the FIOS -- and restart the order as a
>     copper
>     order to port your number and reorder FIOS only once Verizon has your
>     number. Second while the line quality of Digital Voice seems (from
>     limited
>     use) to be excellent, the features are a problem, some features are
>     controlled from your phone, some from the Verizon website. Verizon
>     will not
>     remove bundled services that you don't want. To manage your phone
>     service
>     from the web you must first register your fios at myverizon. Then
>     you must
>     place a self-service order for a feature, and having worked my way
>     through
>     this process I still can't access the management features tech
>     support is
>     telling me to use.
>     Since Cavtel is getting rich from Verizon not having my number and
>     since I'm
>     running out of patience with Verizon's voice service (and tired of them
>     failing to port my number), I'm seriously considering a VOIP Service.
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