Andrew Holden on 1 Oct 2010 15:34:58 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Blocking A Program From Running

Thank you for all the responses. So cron it is.

I thought there would be a way to prevent any process matching certain
terms from running or launching at all (it seems that's what SELinux
can do).

I have to look into SELinux if this escalates. This is a learning
experience for both of us, too - if he circumvents the cron killall
then I'll have to try something else and it's low enough stakes that
we can both get smarter....this is a family member (someone who should
be using the computer for school work, not using Blender excessively.
Frankly Blender is fantastic and I have nothing against it but other
stuff has to get done sometimes too).

So that's why the HR/administrative/disciplinary option won't work in
this case too.

As a follow-up how do I do a wildcard in killall?

The blender binary is blender-bin. killall blender-bin works but I
have tried killall blend* without success, and I have tried killall
blend*.* too. I would prefer to make it more general and it's all part
of the getting smarter thing too. Any thoughts?

Thanks again,


On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 4:22 PM, Claude M. Schrader
<> wrote:
> On 16:12 Fri 01 Oct     , Matt Mossholder wrote:
>>    On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 4:06 PM, Claude M. Schrader
>>    <[1]> wrote:
>>      I'm not sure theres any way really to prevent it from running, without
>>      getting into the murky depths of SELinux, but the killall command in
>>      cron
>>      would be easy, and affective
>>      Claude
>>    Even that is easy to get around by renaming the program.  Unless you are
>>    willing to go to some lengths to lock down the user's home directory (e.g.
>>    no executables in the home dir or temp directories, etc.) plus a boat load
>>    of other stuff.
>>    It would probably be a LOT easier and more effective to deal with it as an
>>    HR or related issue.
>>         --Matt
> you could always break /home off into its own LVM chunk and mount it and
> /tmp as noexec. You would need to lock down thumb drives too, but they may
> eventually run out of places to run it from if permssions on other
> directories are locked down.
> But yeah, by far the best way to deal with this is administratively.
> Claude
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