Richard Freeman on 3 Oct 2010 03:38:11 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Blocking A Program From Running - android too

On 10/02/2010 09:51 PM, jeff wrote:
> On 10/02/2010 03:10 PM, Conor Schaefer wrote:
>> Why not just uninstall the offending software?
>> (Sent from my rooted Nexus One running Cyanogenmod6)
> decent programs that i'd prefer not start by themselves.
> for example, both the native and 3rd party text messaging apps start on
> their own.  same with email and way too many others.
> there is no reason for email clients to start themselves (when they're
> not set to check email).  non-rooted users also have to put up with
> certain apps they can't uninstall, like facebook, twitter, amazon mp3,
> and others.

Yup - in many ways Android today is where Windows 3.1 was 15 years ago.
 You can install an app, or you can not install an app, and if you do
install an app it is up to the app writer to keep your battery from
draining in 20 minutes, or from becoming slower than molasses.

Android needs the ability for users to install software, but deny
individual permissions.  It needs the ability for users to control when
services run, and with what priority.  If you don't want a program to
run in the background you should be able to disable that, but still use
the program (it would launch the service when the program runs, and stop
it when the program terminates).

The best you can do right now is task killers - some will automatically
keep killing processes that keep rising from the grave.  I hear they
don't work so well in Android 2.2, and of course for whatever religious
reason the various distro maintainers hate them (again, the win3.1
mentality - just get everybody to write perfect apps).

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