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Re: [PLUG] Recent VOIP Experience Anyone?

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Three things...

One: I don't like the locked down aspect of Vonage either.

Two: Vonage may seem very aggressive with their price but the core service,
connectivity, is extremely cheap.  I _suspect_ that Vonage is making money hand
over fist and the price is all out of proportion to the underlying technology cost.

Three: The MagicJack is no longer on my 'recommend' list.  This week I found out
that you cannot call the - or any other free conference
call company from your MagicJack.  Instead, they sneakily re-direct you to their
own free conference call system.

It turns out that they might be doing this to avoid "huge fees" from the CLEC
that routes the conference call.  See:
What these "huge" fees are I don't know but for $20/year income it won't take
too many per line to start losing money.  In any event, why won't the MagicJack
company be up front about that?  Why not offer me the opportunity to pay the
fees for those calls where they can't cover them?  This is poor corporate
behavior in my opinion.


Well, not exactly.  I just think it's time to explore an Asterisk solution.  I
wanted to do this for years but I also don't want to do this.

It will:

 * add a significant hardware cost
 * cost me time to learn to set it up
 * cost me time to administer it

I'm going to research some of my options over the next few weeks.  I know that
Lee Marzke has use Asterisk quite successfully.  (Hey Lee, does your service
charge you extra to call one of the "free" conference calling companies?)

Since I'll need some new hardware for this project it won't happen right away.
I suppose an old 1.5 GigHz P4 PC with 512 MB of PC-100 RAM won't give me
satisfactory service with Asterisk :-)


On 10/01/2010 10:03 AM, Carl Johnson wrote:
> I'd agree 100% that vonage is great from a functionality perspective. I just don't like the proprietary "locked down" aspect of their devices. 
> "Claude M. Schrader" <> wrote:
>> Eric's link is very damming, but on top of that, the price alone should
>> give you pause. Vonage is very aggressive with their price, and are
>> exponentially more than magicjack. $20/year isn't a business plan - there has
>> to be something augmenting that.
>> Claude
>> On 18:17 Thu 30 Sep     , Amul Shah wrote:
>>> On Sep 30, 2010, at 1:26 PM, "Claude M. Schrader" <> wrote:
>>>> On 08:54 Thu 30 Sep     , Eric at wrote:
>>>>> I use a MagicJack for one phone line.  It's only $40 to start and $20 per year
>>>>> but it _requires_ a Windows PC or Mac to work.  This connects to the network
>>>>> directly which is excellent and it's still outrageously cheap.
>>>> I know this is a potential flamewar, but there are also privacy implications
>>>> with MagicJack.
>>>> Claude
>>> Pointers please. I know some people who are using magic jack. Time to bing it.
>>> Amul
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