JP Vossen on 13 Oct 2010 23:41:21 -0700

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[PLUG] Basic (CentOS) Linux SysAdmin book(s)?

I need to do some training and provide some recommendations for books for a guy at work. He has no Linux or Unix background, and no SysAdmin background of any kind (not even Windows), but he has been thrust into a role that requires some. He is diving in and and Googling for answers but sooner or later he's going to hit an 'rm -rf /' kind of answer. He's already picked up basic navigation and a few simple things like grep.

I will have some off-site training time with him (max of 1 day), and I can recommend some books to read. Aside from the fact that we know that 1 day is not even enough to scratch the surface, any thoughts on training?

And perhaps more importantly, what are the good books? I liked _Running Linux_ but that was in the 90's some time. I love _Essential System Admin_ but that's too general. I also like _Linux Cookbook_ and _Linux Networking Cookbook_ and will recommend them. What is good now for CentOS 5?

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