Casey Bralla on 4 Dec 2010 15:08:38 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Net Neutrality

I am 100% for net neutrality.  I __WANT__ the government bureaucrats in the 
FTC to be able to tell those evil networking companies how they may and may 
not control the packets that travel though the network they spent hundreds of 
millions of dollars building.  I can't think on anyone more competent than the 
FTC to write 500-page regulations that will force those evil companies to 
lower the cost of my internet by hiring legions of lawyers to read the 
regulations, and then tell the network engineers how to do their jobs.

Further, as a conservative, I can't wait for President Palin to re-write those 
regulations to retard the transmission of obscene materials through the 
internet so that "reaL" packets don't get slowed down.  I'm not a big fan of 
President Obama, but I know President Palin will correct whatever deficiencies 
his political appointees in the FTC write into the regulations.  

But, or course, no one on this list has to worry, because the regulations will 
only effect those who transmit or receive over 100 MBytes per month.  It will 
be aimed at those evil corporations we all detest, so nobody here will have to 
worry about their own liberty being at risk.

[BTW, this may have been sarcasm]

On Friday 03 December 2010 11:44:58 pm Doug Stewart wrote:
> Not everyone's fer it -- I, for one, am agin' it. I'd rather have
> companies, competing against each other, with a small measure of
> accountability to their customers "in charge" of this field, as opposed to
> nameless, faceless gov't bureaucrats with zero accountability and no
> market pressures to keep them in check.
> --
> Doug Stewart
> On Dec 3, 2010, at 10:47 PM, Doug Crompton <> wrote:
> > I am sure many or most of you are in favor of net neutrality. Not sure if
> > signing this really means anything but not doing anything won't help
> > either.
> > 
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