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[PLUG] mailbox and samba (CIFS)

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I use Thunderbird 3.0.10  running on Ubuntu Lucid.

My main account is IMAP from my in-house server.
My local folders are to a SAMBA share on the same server.

Several months ago I found a mail folder named cifsxxxx where xxxx were 4 hex
digits.  I was not that big but it contained corrupted emails (I could discern
some parts.)  I examined the file contents and decided to just junk it.

Today I notice there is another file!  This one is over 1/2 Gig and is named
cifsffc8.  It appears to be an old inbox - mixed messages mostly from 2007... I

Naturally, google searches for files named cifsffc8 is fruitless.

I used mutt for years but needed something to view html and/or graphics (blame
my customers!)  I used Kmail for 6 months until it lost it's marbles one day and
lost or destroyed a bunch of my emails.  I moved to Thunderbird.  Since then I
have not had any problems (knocks on wood).

I was unhappy with Thunderbird not being able to store the emails in
directory-file format (is that called mbox?).  Instead it uses mailbox format -
huge files with all the email in one.  :-(

Questions that occur to me:

1. what is the dang cifsxxxx file and where does it come from?  (SAMBA or

2. What is a good - no, GREAT email program that uses the mbox format?
Evolution?  Kmail?  Something new?

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