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Re: [PLUG] mailbox and samba (CIFS)

On Monday, December 06, 2010 11:39:49 am Eric at wrote:
> I used mutt for years but needed something to view html and/or graphics
> (blame my customers!)  I used Kmail for 6 months until it lost it's
> marbles one day and lost or destroyed a bunch of my emails.  I moved to
> Thunderbird.  Since then I have not had any problems (knocks on wood).
> I was unhappy with Thunderbird not being able to store the emails in
> directory-file format (is that called mbox?).  Instead it uses mailbox
> format - huge files with all the email in one.  :-(
> Questions that occur to me:
> 1. what is the dang cifsxxxx file and where does it come from?  (SAMBA or
> Thunderbird?)
> 2. What is a good - no, GREAT email program that uses the mbox format?
> Evolution?  Kmail?  Something new?

Kmail seems to have regained its stability.  I have not had any problems.  It 
works well for viewing HTML, but not so much for creating it if you need that.  
It also has the behavior that, when responding to HTML mail, it converts the 
quoted portion to plain text, even if you are replying with HTML.

MBOX is the single file folder format, maildir is what you sound like you are 
looking for.

Evolution handles HTML very well.  It's IMAP handling is pure standards-based 
and less configurable than kmail.  I tend to use kmail for personal and list 
stuff, and evolution for work (exchange) accounts.

I've never liked Thunderbird.  Just nver been a good fit.  I'd recommend either 
of the above.

Can't help with the cifsxxx folders.  I know when I used to use Thunderbird 
years ago, the index files kept getting currupted and I had scripts that 
periodically deleted them.
Art Alexion

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