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Re: [PLUG] big/little endian?

On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 3:25 PM, Art Alexion <> wrote:
I don't understand big and little endian. ÂI don't even know if that is my
problem. ÂI had some flacs on an intel-based Mac. ÂI don't know what system
created them.

On the Mac, they play fine in Songbird and VLC, but won't decode to WAV with
any software I tried, including MacFLAC.They all calim the stream is invalid.

I'm not familiar with MacFLAC; have you tried Audacity? Generally that's a pretty solid tool, cross-platform, for quick-and-dirty audio manipulation. I'd try pulling the FLACs into Audacity in OS X, and then exporting as WAVs.
I copied the files to my 64-biit Linux PC, and k3b seems to have as little
problem with them as Songbird and VLC.Â

Is this an Endian-thing? ÂWhat else could be causing the problem?

The FLAC is largely a mystery to me still. I use it religiously, but I've had problems with jumping to different times in songs when playing FLAC files (broken index?) created with SoundJuicer many years ago. Now I use the "ripit" package in the Ubuntu repos, which is just a Perl script that ties together various rippers and encoders in a command line utility. I swear by it! I've never had any problems with files I've created this way on any platform.

Art Alexion

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