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Re: [PLUG] mailbox and samba (CIFS)

On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 11:39 AM, Eric at <> wrote:
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I use Thunderbird 3.0.10 Ârunning on Ubuntu Lucid.

My main account is IMAP from my in-house server.
My local folders are to a SAMBA share on the same server.


2. What is a good - no, GREAT email program that uses the mbox format?
Evolution? ÂKmail? ÂSomething new?


I think what you are talking about is called maildir format. mbox is the "all in one file per folder" storage method.

Also, silly question... if you are using IMAP, and all the messages are stored on the server, why do you care what format your local email cache is stored in? ÂWouldn't it make more sense to care what the IMAP server is using? You could use something like Courier, which uses maildir format.

Maybe if you told us what you really need from a email program, we could be of more help... What features are important to you? How many messages are you storing? How many folders?

Oh, and the last thing... the cifsXXXX files, if cifs is anything like nfs, are files that are open in one process, but have been deleted by another. The file sometimes gets left behind when the system is powered off, or some other catastrophic error occurs.

ÂÂ Â --Matt

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