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Re: [PLUG] Net Neutrality

On Saturday, December 04, 2010 01:51:50 am Doug Stewart wrote:
> Please don't hear me as being in favor of government-sanctioned monopoly
> players either. The problems with cable providers are manifold, obviously:
> rights-of-way, heavy capital investments, and long haul fibre networks are
> expensive and time consuming. 
> I think the ideal situation is one in which each market has multiple types
> of providers, ie cable/FiOS/DSL/Wimax. Each might have a "monopoly" on
> their method of traffic delivery in am area but they would compete across
> technologies. 

Addressing your last point first, are you saying that a consumer who, say wants 
access to AND their kid's Little League team's web site out to have 
to subscribe to multiple technologies?

In terms of the big providers' investments, weren't they made in a market 
without the tiered service they now intend to impose?  If your really care 
about markets, they should make their investments work in the envroment in 
which they made them.  

Art Alexion

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