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Re: [PLUG] Freezer trick

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Now that you have opened it you have limited choices (as Carl noted: dust).

If you tried the "freezer trick" and it did not work then prolonged freezing is
unlikely to be of any help.

1. You can try to purge the case with dry, dust free air (not "canned air" but
actual compressed air or Nitrogen.)

2. You can close it up and send it to a hard drive recovery place.  They have
clean room conditions (or should!) and that would be the best option to recover
your data, if it's possible to do so.

3. If you don't have the clean, dry air/Nitrogen, don't want to spend the $ for
the recovery then you might try connecting the drive and trying to spin it up
WITH THE TOP OFF.  That will tell you immediately if it's a bad disk bearing or
if the controller board is bad.  Turn the hub slightly with your fingertip and
see if there is any action.  It MIGHT be a bad motor BUT if that is the case
your only option to recover data is to send it to the experts.

Good luck.


On 12/08/2010 01:05 PM, Carl Johnson wrote:
> Mainly, you've introduced dust particles which can scratch the platters as they move into the gap between the heads.
> Sent from my Motorola DynaTAC 8000x.
> "Edmond Rodriguez" <> wrote:
>> Picking up on an earlier post:
>> I have an old Maxtor 7213AI 212MB drive that won't spin.  I tried the
>> freezer trick (one hour), did not help.
>> I later opened the case (took the unknown risk) to make sure the
>> platter was able to spin (not stuck).  It could spin.  Not sure if I
>> ruined the drive by opening it.
>> Did I ruin it by opening it?  Loss of vacuum (I don't think it was in
>> a vacuum, doesn't seem sealed well enough for that).
>> I am thinking about the overnight freezer trick, but having opened it,
>> will that introduce condensation inside that I may not have otherwise
>> had to deal with?
>> Only other option I am thinking is to try and replace the control
>> board.  Wow on ebay, when I looked a few months ago, these things are
>> quite expensive (they are after all only 212MB), but I guess they see
>> me coming.
>> Edmond
>>> I know there was quite an involved thread on this a while back, but...
>> I had a drive fail in my laptop, and though most of the files were not
>> important, I had the bulk of my >college assignments saved there. They
>> weren't backed up, of course and I wanted to save my assignments for
>> sentimental reasons.
>>> The drive would only spin up long enough to display the files and
>> directories, and only after sitting in the freezer overnight.Finally, I
>> was going to give up, but thought "If >it only spins up when it's cold,
>> maybe I should just leave it in the freezer." So I threw a book on top
>> of the ice cream, hooked the drive up to a usb cable and closed >the
>> freezer door.
>>> By keeping it in the freezer, the drive lasted long enough for me to
>> copy all my files over to my notebook.
>>> Steve
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