Robert Spangler on 11 Dec 2010 09:02:24 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Comcast Cable modem & DHCP

On Saturday 11 December 2010 09:51, Julien Vehent wrote:

>  The linksys was bought independently from comcast, and comcast should
>  not be aware of its MAC, that's why I was puzzled by the DHCP
>  restriction. Turns out it was only a matter of restarting the modem.

The Comcast modem is only a bridge to the Comcast network.  They are aware of 
what is connected to their device and it will cache the mac address of the 
device that is connected to it.  When you change the connected device you 
need to do the following to flush the mac address.

Power down the modem and then un-plug it for a minimum of 5 minutes.  This 
normally flushes the know mac address.  If it doesn't then you have to 
wash-rinse-repeat again.



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