Rich Freeman on 25 Dec 2010 09:36:11 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Is there a trick to install just the manpages out of a package?

On Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 9:13 PM, Sean M. Collins <> wrote:
Depending on your distro: I think Debian usually has packages with a
suffix of -doc for the documentation. I don't know if the -doc packages
have the actual package as a dependency, however.

If you're running Gentoo just set USE=-doc, either globally or for the particular package.  Most packages will use dodoc to install the documentation, and this will not install the files if the doc use flag is not set.  If you find this not to be the case file a bug!  :)

Now, man pages might not get the same treatment as documentation - I'd have to look that up.  They use doman for the install, but I'd have to look at the sources or the PMS to figure out whether this looks at any USE flags.

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