Edmond Rodriguez on 22 Dec 2010 16:42:57 -0800

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[PLUG] Not getting copies of my posted messages back

Since changing my email to a gmail account, I no longer get a copy of
my own posted message like I used to.   The setting to the option I
show below is set to "yes", but I still don't get a copy (I used to
get my own copies with a yahoo account I had used).

I noticed this same issue with another mail list server I am
subscribed to.  The web interface  (subscribe, options etc.. looks
exactly like the plug one).

Anyone have a guess as to why I don't get my my own copies any more.

Here is the option I have set to "yes":

Receive your own posts to the list?
Ordinarily, you will get a copy of every message you post to the list.
If you don't want to receive this copy, set this option to No.
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