Casey Bralla on 15 Jan 2011 02:50:09 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Slightly off topic -case screws for netbooks

Until a few years ago, I worked for a local company that made specialty 
fasteners for the electronics industry (among others).  I suspect you will 
have trouble finding the specific screws you want, but you might have luck 
finding a substitute.

The screws are often custom made for the application (my company made ~18K 
stock fasteners, yet still had roughly half of our business from "specials".)

Your best bet would be to cannibalize other electronic equipment.  Screwing 
into to plastic is usually "low precision" so you might be able to modify a 
larger screw by grinding it shorter or smaller diameter head by holding the 
screw with a vise-grip against a bench grinder.

Fasteners often are standard across a brand, so Lenovo may purchase a special 
crew, but use it on all their electronic equipment.  I've seen people on 
Craigs List who buy old electronics for Parts.  You might want to post there.

What does the screw look like?  Somebody here might have one that is similar.

On Friday 14 January 2011 8:03:01 pm Art Clemons wrote:
> Does anyone know of a local source which is likely to have or be able to
> order replacement screws for holding the plastic case against a netbook
> chassis?  Brands are Lenovo and MSI,


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