Steve Slaughter on 15 Jan 2011 10:13:10 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Virtual Box will not recognize my USB printer (

>If you run VBox as root does that help? 

When I run VBox as root, my problem is solved!

Can any of you give me a general rule to follow in terms of when to run an app as root?

Also, why does every Linux user say that security by obscurity does not work?  If that were true than why does the government have security clearances?
I think keeping some of the details of an otherwise well-engineered system secret can be part of a more in-depth security strategy.
The Chairman of Trend Micro recently said that open-Source software is less secure than closed-source code because its architecture is published for anyone to review.
However, I read an article that shows how Linux has tremendously fewer bugs than Windows.  A lot of people say that Linux has a faster response time to bugs.
What do you guys think, is Linux more secure?  Can understanding the architecture of the kernel help a hacker exploit security vulnerabilities? 
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