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Re: [PLUG] Speakers needed for all chapters!

Thanks Kyle for this detailed post; I have some of the same questions
as Walt. Just to provoke a little more detail, if you don't mind,
doesn't this list sound a lot like a filesystem? What does a NoSQL
database give you that ext3 doesn't? If I add Lucene, I've even got
full text search:

> - many nosql databases are effectively document stores
> - many relax ACID (few if any support transactions outside of CUD for
> a single document)
> - they do this (at least in spirit) to gain performance
> - cassandra bills itself as 'eventually consistent' for exactly this reason
> - they have no fixed data model, documents are heterogeneous
> - don't have to plan a strict schema up front
> - don't have to migrate old documents to update the schema (somewhat
> backward/forward compatible)
> - you give up being able to use SQL to access the datastore
> - 'indexes' are often just a function over the document store, stored
> right back into the system
> - since there is no equivalent to a join, sharding across multiple
> systems can be easier


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