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[PLUG] PLUG speakers and topics...where we stand now

Whew!  That's a lot of interest and volunteers, which is seriously awesome.
I've finishes collating all the responses, and here's what I've got so far.
I'll be contacting individuals who have volunteered to work out schedules
(or in the case of those who have been suggested by others, to see if they
are able and willing to present at PLUG).

First up, though, if your name is on this list (or even if it isn't and
you have an idea for a talk that hasn't been mentioned yet) and you would
be able to speak at PLUG North on Tuesday, March 8 or PLUG West on Monday,
March 21, please drop me a note and let me know right away.  If we can get
the immediately upcoming meetings nailed down, that will give us a bit more
leisure to get the schedule populated for the next few months.

Second, if I've missed your topic suggestion in this list, or if you'd like
to volunteer or propose another topic, please let me know.

Third, we are pretty light on lightning talks for the PLUG Central meeting
coming up on Monday, March 2.  If you can think of an interesting trick or
tool having to do with X11 (however loosely you'd like to interpret that),
please volunteer!  Lightning talks are an easy, relatively painless way
to try out talking to a group if you've never done it before...they're
only five minutes, so it's over fast, and it's much more fun if we have
a lot of presenters.

Finally, please check the list of topics below without speakers, and let me
know if it's a topic that you're interested in and would like to give a
talk on it.  Don't worry if you think you're not an expert or are nervous
about public speaking!  PLUG is a friendly (and fairly small) audience, and
if you can put together a presentation based on your own experiences it
can be very valuable.  PLUG has members with all levels of expertise, and
no one is an expert in everything.

Topics with possible speakers:

* Linux file system performance (Bhaskar)
* XBMC - Chris Grabowy (West or North, maybe Central)
* EC2/S3 - Andrew Libby
  + Anyone willing to speak about Eucalyptus for private clouds?
* JBoss middleware stack - David B. van Balen
* NoSQL databases, possible speakers to approach for
  + Cassandra (Toby)
  + MongoDB (someone else who gave a talk at PhillyLamba)
  + A GT.M talk at North or Central? (Bhaskar & Co.)
  + Anyone else for another platform (CouchDB?)
* Highly Scalable Mail Architectures for Linux - Randall Sindlinger
   (for West or North)
* Unity (Alex Launi)
* Log Forensics - Michael Lazin (North or Central)
* The Linux boot process - Rich Freeman
* DKIM (and DKIMproxy) - Julien Vehent
* DSPAM - Julien Vehent
* QoS on Linux (traffic control) - Julien Vehent
* Another regular expressions talk, since it's been a while - I could do
   this if there's interest

Possible Multi/Lightning Talks

* First Impressions of new distro releases
  + OpenSuSE 11.4 - Randall Sindlinger
  + Ubuntu 11.05 - Alex Launi
  + Fedora 15 - Any volunteeers?
* Diff Lighting Talks (I'm just putting down names of people who mentioned
   tools, here)
  + diff itself - Randall Sindlinger (or try to get MJD back in?)
  + vimdiff - Randall Sindlinger
  + ediff - Kevin McAllister or Morgan Jones?
  + meld - JP Vossen or Rich Freeman
  + P4Merge - Lee Marzke
* Unified Threat Management Round Table
  + M0n0wall (and maybe pfSense) - JP Vossen
  + Endian - Lee Marzke
  + Smoothwall or other plaforms - Any volunteers?

Topics with expressed interest but no speakers:

* IPv6
  + LOTS of interest in this topic
  + If you can't give the talk yourself, can you suggest someone who might
     be willing?
  + Home or corporate spins both welcome!
* Boxee or other streaming devices
* Booting from a device larger than 2TB (MBR vs GTP partitions & Grub2)

Thanks to everyone!

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