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Re: [PLUG] script to verify users credentials using pam on Ubuntu


I need a command line program, but it
looks like there's a python-pam module in the ubuntu repo that may do the trick.

Thanks,   I've never worked with pam before.


Quoting Matt Mossholder <matt@mossholder.com>:

On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 11:21 AM, Lee Marzke <lee@marzke.net> wrote:


I've got a requirement for a web application to verify each users identity
( e.g.  pass the username and
password to a script ,  and have the script return pass/fail )

I've got likewise open installed that has pam libraries that authenticate
users fine,  so authentication
is working for login to the Linux box via ssh, etc.,   but I need the
script to just pass the auth paramaters
to pam and get pass/fail.

I'd do it using the Apache interface to PAM... here's a sample:




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