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Re: [PLUG] Natty Narwhal

On 04/29/2011 02:39 PM, Steve Slaughter wrote:
> I accepted the upgrade from Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 (CN: natty narwhal),
> and now when I reboot, it hangs right before the splash screen
> displays.  The upper 40% of the screen is distorted, and I see no text
> or any indication of boot progress.  I tried to CTRL-ALT-F1, but I can't
> reach a command line.  I'm still a *nix newb, so I'm not sure how to
> recover from this problem even if I did reach the CLI.  I did create a
> backup image of my HD before I installed 11.04, and I found a bash
> script which I could run to recover the previous image if I could reach
> the command line.  Any ideas?

I don't normally use Ubuntu, but if you did actually assign a password
to "root" than almost exclusively using sudo and during the grub boot
display manage to select Ubuntu (recovery mode) then on the recovery
menu select netroot, you should be able to boot in and play with apt-get
to get things working.  One other possibility from the recovery menu is
to select dpkg  Repair broken packages.  If neither works, another
option is to make a boot cd or USB stick, boot from that and then
restore your backed up image.

Apparently some folks are having issues with authentication in 11.04,
guess normally using slackware has some advantages.

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