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What are you trying to VPN to?  I have not used OpenVPN but I have used the open
source PTPP to connect to Microsoft networks with great success.

You'll always need a server on the other end to connect to but you should not
need a separate server on your end of the VPN tunnel.


On 05/28/2011 03:49 PM, Stephen Slaughter wrote:
> I'm in a Linux Noob and interested in securing my internet traffic with a VPN.
> I tried to install OpenVPN, but, correct me if I'm wrong, it appears that I need
> to configure a separate physical server machine with the software, in addition
> to the client, which would be my Linux box in this case.
> Is there any way to configure one machine as both server and client? 
> Is it possible to host a virtual machine as the OpenVPN server with Virtual box
> while running the client software on the same physical machine?
> Do any of you know of an alternative VPN solution I can use which does not
> require hosting a server?
> Thank you!
> Stephen
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