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Re: [PLUG] Security Cameras

one word.....   Zoneminder

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John Karr <> wrote:

>Security Cameras
>I find myself needing to install a security camera and figured this
>community would have a lot of good cost effective ideas with a bias
>towards the open source and the cheap. Because one of the confusing
>issues is cctv vs network cameras, I'm going to ask that the discussion
>be restricted to network based solutions that don't require a dedicated
>cctv base station or the installation of a capture card into a
>Let me describe my security needs.
>Primary Problem: Barking Dog Cam
>My neighbor's dog stands at the fence to my yard and barks at my house.
>This is whenever they let him out unattended. This can be for hours on
>end. I've talked to them about it several times. I've filed one
>complaint with the city, but to cite them the inspector needs to
>witness the dog barking for at least 5 minutes. If the dog is outside
>barking 10% or even just 5% of the time this is extremely annoying to
>me, but the odds are against an inspector on one or two random visits
>witnessing it. The camera will need to be an outdoor camera, which will
>be attached to  a bush or a fence. I need to record audio (and it seems
>a lot of security cameras lack this feature). Bark activated is ideal,
>but motion sensing would work since he comes to a specific spot for
>most of his barking. My objective is to be able to post time-stamped
>video of the dog barking to youtube that a city animal complaints
>inspector can easily view, or that I can use in court as evidence when
>I sue them to remove the animal from their property.
> Secondary Problem: Offender Bird Identification
>Another animal related issue I have is birds defacing vehicles parked
>in front of my house. My roommate went so far as to contact a
>professional in the field of bird nuisances, who needs to be able to
>identify species and patterns to work out a remediation plan. The best
>plan here might simply be to just record video continuously for a
>couple of days. 
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