Casey Bralla on 31 Jul 2011 18:08:41 -0700

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[PLUG] Looking for a Good eMail Client

I'm a long-time KDE user who runs my system as root (Please!  No flames.  I 
have my reasons and I would be happy to discuss them in another thread.).  
This means the eMail system in KDE breaks due to Akonadi's unwillingness to 
run as root.

In the past, I could add the "user=root" dodge and coax KMail to run.  
However, that trick doesn't seem to work in KDE 4.7

With the latest KDE 4.7 moving even deeper into akonadi for eMail, I fear I 
may have to find another eMail client to replace KMail.    Except for KMail's 
general orneriness about running as root, I love it.  Nothing else I've tried 
has even come close.

I've tried Evolution and Claws (Claws seems best so far).  I also plan on 
trying Thunderbird, Nail, and Pine.   I'm sure I'm missing some, however.

Anybody want to suggest or recommend a good eMail client?


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