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Re: [PLUG] Looking for a Good eMail Client

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Oh, that's a great solution!

Create a separate user account ("casey" comes to mind).  Have the system send
all root email to that user.  Then, as root open up the connection to your X
desktop like this:

xhost + localhost    [I think that's how it works]

Create a desktop link that executes the email program you'd like to run as that

Some adjustments will likely be required to get it to work as you want.
Drawbacks include not being able to attach a document from root's home unless
you open up the permissions.  If you're running as root then the barn door is
open anyway... :-)   YMMV.

I did something like this with Firefox for a while so that I could run two
versions simultaneously.  (not as root.)

Good luck.


On 07/31/2011 09:43 PM, Art Alexion wrote:
> I think email clients are like pizza toppings, everybody has differing
> combinations of choices.
> As a long time kmail user myself, evolution was my second choice. I hated
> Thunderbird, which I tried to like because it is multi platform.
> Is it possible to write a wrapper script that runs Akonadi and kmail as a
> regular user?
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> Art Alexion
> On Jul 31, 2011 9:08 PM, "Casey Bralla" <
> <>> wrote:
>> I'm a long-time KDE user who runs my system as root (Please! No flames. I
>> have my reasons and I would be happy to discuss them in another thread.).
>> This means the eMail system in KDE breaks due to Akonadi's unwillingness to
>> run as root.
>> In the past, I could add the "user=root" dodge and coax KMail to run.
>> However, that trick doesn't seem to work in KDE 4.7
>> With the latest KDE 4.7 moving even deeper into akonadi for eMail, I fear I
>> may have to find another eMail client to replace KMail. Except for KMail's
>> general orneriness about running as root, I love it. Nothing else I've tried
>> has even come close.
>> I've tried Evolution and Claws (Claws seems best so far). I also plan on
>> trying Thunderbird, Nail, and Pine. I'm sure I'm missing some, however.
>> Anybody want to suggest or recommend a good eMail client?
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