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[PLUG] Comcast going all digital for me

Up to now, I've had the $20/mo "limited basic" *analog* Comcast service, and that works perfectly for my analog tuner card and MythTV. But I just got the letter I've been dreading from Comcast that I have until 2011-09-13 to order some stuff because they are going all digital in Collegeville, PA.

The question is, what do I need to do and have to make this new stuff work with my current MythTV setup? (Stock Mythbuntu 10.04 LTS, if it matters, not using the Mythbuntu upstream PPA/repo [5], for backward compatibility with MediaMVP/mvpmc boxes, which are now dead anyway, I guess.)

I know I need a digital tuner and I was planning on getting an HD Homerun [1] Real Soon Now anyway. Based on reading the Comcast FAQs [3], and as expected, the 3 free "digital adapters" I can get will require a remote control to change the channel, which rather defeats Myth. More on CableCARDs, which we talked about here recently, below.

<Goes to and Googles for a while>

OK, sanity check. says: "For the Comcast Digital Migration, will I need equipment if I have a digital TV with a QAM tuner?" "If you currently have a Digital QAM tuner, you will be able to continue to receive Limited Basic Cable channels and do not need a digital device. All televisions, including those using QAM tuners, will not be able to view Expanded Basic channels without a digital device or CableCard™"
	"Can I record Limited Basic channels without my digital equipment?"
"... However, in select markets [pretty sure that's me], Comcast is also migrating the Limited Basic channel lineup to an all-digital format. In these markets, you will need a digital device (cable box, digital adapter, or CableCard™ device), or a television with a digital QAM tuner to view and record programming in the Limited Basic channel lineup. ..."

So I'm pretty sure the $130 HDHR3-US that is now down to $108 [1], will Just Work for what I want (basic networks and PBS). True? Anything going to bite me? (Besides disk space?)

I'm guessing the HDHR3-US price dropped because the $250 HDHR3-CC (CableCARD ready, but with limited support in MythTV starting with 0.24 [2]) is almost--but not quite--on sale. Hummm, does CableCARD even do anything for me if I have "limited basic" service?

So what I think I want to do is:
1) Order the 3 digital adapters from Comcast, for my older TVs and just in case.
2) Order the HDHR3-US now, and get it fired up and working ASAP.
3) Check in with SchedulesDirect and double-check my settings [4].
4) Maybe in the future:
	Switch to the Mythbuntu repos (for 0.24+)
	Order the HDHR3-CC and a CableCARD (if useful)
	Order bigger hard drives (have 1.8TB RAID1 now)

Am I missing anything?

[1] HDHR3-US

[2] HDHR3-CC

[3] Digital Adapter stuff:

[4] "Will my channel numbers change due to the Comcast Digital Migration?"
"No. With the Digital Migration, there will be no changes to the existing channel numbers."


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