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Re: [PLUG] Comcast going all digital for me

On 8/6/2011 1:40 AM, JP Vossen wrote:

I know I need a digital tuner and I was planning on getting an HD
Homerun [1] Real Soon Now anyway. Based on reading the Comcast FAQs [3],
and as expected, the 3 free "digital adapters" I can get will require a
remote control to change the channel, which rather defeats Myth. More on
CableCARDs, which we talked about here recently, below.

You probably will want to go with one of the solutions that has cable cards. I have had a few of the WinTV-HVR's, HdHomeRun's and TiVo's for many years - all of them stopped being able to tune anything that isn't available over the air or in the super-basic package when Comcast switched in our area. The TiVo HD worked fine once I had the tech install a Cable card. You can't pick the Cable Cards up @ your local Comcast bunker like cable boxes, they force you to sit around and wait for a tech to come out and install it your device because they have to "pair" the card to the device and call a bunch of IDs in to their support people before the card will work with the device.

On Linux, both the Ceton cards and the HDHomeRun Prime (when it is shipped) have the same issue currently in that depending on what flags the provider sets on the stream for encryption controls if they are permitted to stream it out of their device in the clear. From "From the device webpage you can tune ClearQAM channels if you know the frequency, or if you have a CableCARD you can tune CCI=0 channels by channel number"

For Ceton or SiliconDust to get/maintain certification from Cable Labs, they can't let their devices provide the video stream without encryption to the computer. Both the Ceton Cards and the SiliconDust tuners have a few encryption modules to work with Windows Media stack only right now.

I have a number of the Ceton infiniTV 4's with cable cards and they work quite well on Linux. They can't tune PPV or Premium channels, but seem fine for everything we want to watch.

- Steve
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