Carl Johnson on 9 Aug 2011 11:56:44 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] File system search

Years ago i set up knowledge tree community edition for someone.

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Julien Vehent <> wrote:

>Hi Plug,
>I have this "documents" folder with a lot of PDFs gathered over the 
>years, and it's obviously impossible to find anything in it.
>I've been using google desktop on my laptop to index that folder 
>through nfs, but that doesn't work for my wife and her mini windows 7 
>low power netbook.
>I'm looking for a server side search engine that doesn't require to 
>code 2000 lines of java before using it (yes, lucene, I'm looking at 
>you). Possibly with a web interface, or a windows/linux client.
>Does anyone have solved that problem already ?
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