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Re: [PLUG] and now, the more mundane

On 11:45 Thu 25 Aug     , Floyd Johnson wrote:
> I was originally going to call this "bleeping residential DSL".
> Once again, the Verizon DSL experienced a weather-related line protocol
> failure (10:27 AM), said firm's recent and past labor issues being
> irrelevant. My guess is that much of this failure-during rainfall
> tendency has to do with very old copper wiring here in South Philly.
> For those of you living in the city limits: 
> (1) Do any CLECs (assuming more than one exists here) do better on
> residential DSL? I suspect the whole leased-line aspect stamps a big
> "no" on that. 

I used to work at a local CLEC. as far as the local loop is concerend,
they will not do better on DSL, because the copper plant is all
"maintained" by Verizon.

> (2) Have you generally thrown in the towel on DSL and shelled out for
> fiber to your premises?

Yes. When I was still living with the parents, the copper on their block
got so bad, that a Verizon tech admitted the whole block would have to be
rewired, which won't happen because all of their capital budget is going
into the fiber network.

It got so bad, that we ended up paying Comcast, even though we were
getting free DSL.
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