Casey Bralla on 28 Aug 2011 15:28:45 -0700

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[PLUG] Open File via SFTP

In my recent search for a Python IDE, Eric Lucas praised JEdit in part because it can do a simple Open/Save via FTP or SFTP. This seems like such a desirable feature I am surprised that all programs (or even KDE and Gnome), don't automagically offer this via their standard file Open/Save routines.


For example, when making minor changes to web pages, I usually do it "live" by ssh-ing into the server, then editing the html file. But for larger projects, I keep an image of the project files on a local hard drive (where I can open/save simply from my editor), then do a bulk SFTP upload. Of course, the inevitable debugging steps require that this edit-upload be done multiple times. How much simpler it would be if I could simply "save" to the remote site via SFTP.


My question for the group is "does this feature already exist inside your favorite application?"



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