Julien Vehent on 28 Oct 2011 07:52:12 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Once again, with feeling...Speaker needed!

On 27.10.2011 19:56, Paul L. Snyder wrote:
We're good for November at North and West, thanks to Eric Johnson
volunteering to give a talk on building LiveCDs...but next week's PLUG Central meeting (November 2) is still open. Anybody have a topic that
they'd like to present?

Also, please note that (per usual) the December West meeting will be
cancelled due to its proximity to the holiday.

Hum, didn't we discuss on IRC that I will be talking about QoS ?
I figured that had slipped your mind, since the schedule wasn't updated.

Whichever you guys prefer, I have a talk on Linux QoS but I read that other people have propositions as well. That's fine by me :)

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