Adam Zion on 7 Dec 2011 11:40:21 -0800

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[PLUG] Lost gigabytes?

I recently had to rebuild my notebook computer from jump street. In
doing so, I first set up a Windows 7 installation, w/unpartitioned
space available. I then installed Fedora on the unpartitioned space.

So far so good, right? Not quite. While gparted and Gnome's Disk
Utility readily acknowledge that the partition scheme is like this:

System reserved partition, 105 MB, NTFS
Windows drive, 174 GB, NTFS
Linux boot partition, 524 MB, ext4
145 GB physical volume shared w/145 GB extended volume, linux LVM/Extended

a check of the size of / reveals only 45 GB drive space- I've lost 100 GB.

Methinks it has something to do w/the odd 145GB/145GB partition that's
listed last. But is there any way I could get rid of that w/o
restarting everything from scratch yet again? GRUB's overwritten the
Windows boot manager, which makes it much more complicated than simply
deleting the odd partitions- doing that will brick the system.



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