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Re: [PLUG] Need Help with TCPDump

One other simple oversight that's a possibility.... do you have iptables running maybe?

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Bill East <> wrote:

>On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 10:41 AM, <> wrote:
>> I bought one of those goofy internet clocks
>> and
>> despite a few problems, have been able to get my messages sent to it
>> the
>> company's web page or eMail.
>> However, being one who will never leave anything working alone (I
>have an
>> unsatisfiable desire to "improve" things! <grin>), I want to hack
>> little
>> bad boy.
>> I have not found anything published on the protocol for the clock, so
>> thought I'd just sniff the network stream and  figure out what it's
>>  I
>> can tell from my DHCP server that it's getting a lease at
>  I
>> therefore tried this command on my firewall.
>> tcpdump -i eth1 host
>> I then used the web page to successfully send a message to the clock.
>> Oddly, I'm not getting anything recorded by tcpdump.  If I drop the
>> portion and just grab everything, the address of the clock never
>shows up.
>I'm fairly certain that if your interface is not in promiscuous mode it
>will not record traffic passing through, even on that specific
>ifconfig eth1 promisc should do it for you, but I'm saying that from
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